CityPAC Membership

CityPAC members must meet the following criteria:
(1) Be a young adult who shares a passion for Israel and for strengthening the US-Israel relationship
(2) Attend at least two political events with CityPAC each year
(3) Make a financial contribution (amount of his/her choosing) to CityPAC each year

CityPAC offers Chicago professionals who are passionate about politics and Israel a host of hands-on, non-bureaucratic opportunities to get involved and lead. For CityPAC members looking to have more active involvement, you can also serve on committees to help plan programs, research candidates, and raise awareness and funds to support CityPAC’s mission.

To get involved in one of our committees or for more information, please contact us at

Candidates Committee

The Candidates Committee is the heart of CityPAC’s mission. The Committee identifies and researches candidates committed to a strong U.S.-Israel relationship. The CityPAC Board of Directors relies on this Committee’s recommendations regarding which candidates to contribute to and the amount of the contribution.

Committee members work directly with candidates and their staff to discuss the candidates’ positions on issues of concern to the pro-Israel community. Each race is discussed and debated in a thoughtful manner as the Committee determines its recommendations.

As a result of this research process, which includes reviewing polling data, candidates’ fundraising progress, voting records and position papers, CityPAC contributors know that their dollars are dispersed efficiently and effectively.

Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee is entrusted with the future of CityPAC.

The committee works to increase membership and educate members on CityPAC’s important work, through which young, committed people can help ensure that CityPAC maintains its status as one of the leading pro-Israel political action committees in the United States.

Development Committee

The Development Committee is devoted to serving as the liaison between CityPAC and the larger pro-Israel community.

Through its efforts, the committee makes sure that the community is kept continuously informed of the important work that CityPAC is doing. The committee is also responsible for making sure that CityPAC has the proper means to make meaningful contributions to political candidates in order to fulfill its goals.

Programming Committee

The Programming Committee is in charge of the planning and hosting of CityPAC events. Past events have been both informal and formal, such as the Scoop Jackson Pro-Israel Advocacy Event, a mainstay in the Chicagoland pro-Israel community.

CityPAC’s past events have drawn preeminent local and national political leaders and scholars. This includes Congressmen, US Senators, and even a President of the United States. CityPAC also often honors distinguished members of the Chicagoland pro-Israel community.